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      Board of Directors

      Mary Robinson

      President, CFA

      PEI Federation of Agriculture

      Soybean, barley and hay farmer, Albany, P.E.I.

      Mary Robinson is a managing partner of a 6th generation family farm operation, Eric C. Robinson Inc. and its sister company Island Lime and serves on the boards of associated companies PEI Agromart and Mid-Isle Farms. She holds a degree in economics and business and has worked in Canada and in Scotland in all facets of the potato industry (agronomy, food processing, and production).

      She joined the PEI Federation of Agriculture board in 2008 and led the Federation as President from 2015 to 2017. After serving on the Canadian Ag HR Council board for seven years, Mary became CAHRC’s first female chair in 2017. Mary currently serves on the Board of Directors for the WFO.

      For many years Mary has been a leading advocate for the agriculture industry, delivering witness testimony and key messaging at provincial and federal levels to senior government officials.


      Keith Currie

      Vice-President, CFA

      Ontario Federation of Agriculture

      Cash crops and sweet corn producer, Collingwood, ON

      Keith Currie, a Collingwood-area hay and sweet corn farmer, is the current President of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture. He has 25+ years of experience?with the OFA. Currie has a diploma in Agriculture Production?Management from Ridgetown College. Currie returned home to manage an eighth-generation dairy and?cash crop farm in Simcoe County with his wife Janice and four children.

      Currie’s operation now focuses on production of grains and oilseed, forages for dry hay, along with?a sweet corn and gladiolus flower production. Currie has served as Director on the Simcoe County?Holstein Club where he served as County Delegate for Gencor, member of the Dairy Herd Improvement?Association, Simcoe District Co-Operatives, Simcoe County Milk Producers, Stayner Farmers Co-Operative and the Collingwood Agricultural Society.

      Chris van den Heuvel

      Second Vice-President, CFA

      Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture

      Dairy farmer, Cape Breton, NS

      Chris van den Heuvel grew up on dairy farm in Skye Glen, NS. Along with his wife Karen, they are partnered with their son Jordan on a?4th generation mixed dairy and beef operation in Port Hood, Cape?Breton, NS. Managing 160 head of cattle they grow their own grass?silage, corn silage, peas, oats and barley for feed. Chris is in his 9th?year as the President of the local Inverness/Victoria County?Federation of Agriculture, 8th year on the NS Federation of?Agriculture (NSFA) executive including a 3-year term as President?of the NSFA.

      At all three levels Chris is actively?involved in the creation, oversight and management of agricultural?policy.

      In addition to his seats on local, provincial and national executives, Chris sits on the National Program Advisory Committee (NPAC) as the federally appointed member for NS. Chris also sits on various local?and municipal committees dealing with issues such as energy, land and the local Chamber of Commerce.

      Marcel Groleau

      Director, CFA

      Dairy farmer, Longueuil, QC

      Ron Maynard

      Director, CFA

      PEI Federation of Agriculture

      Cyr Couturier

      Director, CFA

      Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance

      Mark Reusser

      Director, CFA

      Jim Mann

      Director, CFA

      Farmers of North America - STAG

      Kristy House

      Director, CFA

      Equestrian Canada

      Paul Glenn

      Director, CFA

      Canadian Young Farmers Forum

      Lynda Atkinson

      Director, CFA

      British Columbia Agriculture Council

      Cow-calf producer, standardbred horses Quesnel, BC

      Lynn Jacobson

      Director, CFA

      Alberta Federation of Agriculture

      Grains and oilseeds producer, Enchant, AB

      Ken Forth

      Director, CFA


      Broccoli Farmer

      Bill Campbell

      Director, CFA

      Keystone Agricultural Producers of Manitoba

      Lisa Ashworth

      Director, CFA

      Agricultural Alliance of New Brunswick

      Dairy farmer, Anfield, NB

      Mike Medeiros

      Director, CFA

      Mushrooms Canada

      Mushroom farmer

      Merv Wiseman

      Director, CFA

      Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Agriculture

      Vegetable, forage, grain and dairy farmer, Cormack, NL

      Reint-Jan Dykstra

      Director, CFA

      Dairy Farmers of Canada

      Dairy farmer, Second North River, NB

      Kurt Siemens

      Director, CFA

      Egg Farmers of Canada

      Egg farmer, Rosenort, MB

      Sonny Gray

      Director, CFA

      Yukon Agricultural Association

      Nick Langelaar

      Director, CFA

      Chicken Farmers of Canada

      Chicken farmer

      Brian Ricker

      Director, CFA

      Turkey Farmers of Canada

      Turkey farmer

      Gyslain Loyer

      Director, CFA

      Canadian Hatching Egg Producers

      Hatching egg producer

      Kelly Van Ham

      Director, CFA

      Canadian Sugar Beet Producers Association

      Sugar beet producer

      Pierre Lessard


      National Sheep Network

      Sheep farmer

      Andrew Kuyvenhoven

      Director, CFA

      Canadian Ornamental Horticulture Alliance

      Greenhouse Flower Farmer, Brampton, ON

      Ray Robertson

      Director, CFA

      Canadian Forage and Grassland Association

      Custom-grazing operator

      Todd Lewis

      Director, CFA

      Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan

      Kevin Runnalls

      Director, CFA

      Canadian Seed Growers’ Association

      James Neven

      Director, CFA

      Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers