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      CFA Member News

      AgGrowth Coalition discusses BRM Review Engagement with Deputy Minister

      On Wednesday, September 5th, CFA staff joined other AgGrowth Coalition representatives in a meeting with AAFC Deputy Minister Chris Forbes and other senior officials to discuss the status of the Business Risk Management Review and highlight the need for continued industry engagement in the process. AgGrowth representatives highlighted the ...

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      CFA provides feedback to TBS on regulatory irritants

      CFA made a submission to the Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) as part of their ongoing regulatory review of the agri-food and aquaculture sectors, highlighting regulatory irritants in 7 areas: Science-based PMRA evaluations and re-evaluations Bill C-68 & the need for streamlined regulations Qualifying farming fuels in the Greenhouse Gas ...

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      CFA seeks member feedback on 2018 Livestock Tax Deferral

      Agriculture and Agri-food Canada announced on Sept. 14 that extreme weather conditions have caused feed shortfalls in several provinces, with AAFC designating regions in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Quebec as eligible for livestock tax deferral provision.?AAFC released an initial list of these designated regions?where ...

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