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      Federal Budget 2019

      Read CFA’s submission for the 2019 Federal Budget

      Several consultations were undertaken during the lead up to the 2019 Federal Budget?to gather recommendations on how federal dollars should be spent. ?CFA submitted a Pre-Budget submission to help inform the budget process.

      Read the submission here.

      Advocacy Campaign

      CFA released the recommendations below in order to help unify the message being sent to the government from farmers across the country. The recommendations were prepared based on input from CFA members. Members were urged to bring up these recommendations during any?opportunities they had to engage with their MPs.

      Key Recommendations

      CFA outlined the following key recommendations in the Pre-Budget Submission:

      Streamline regulations:

      Enhance competitiveness:

      Address labour shortages:

      Strengthen economic growth:

      Mitigate trade concessions:

      Background: Recap of the 2018 Federal Budget

      The federal government tabled the 2018 Federal budget on February 27.?CFA noted a distinct lack of agriculture content in the budget, and stated that it was underwhelmed by the budget in a media statement. While CFA was assured that further developments supporting agriculture were on the way, they continued to work with the government to ensure that proper support is given to the agriculture industry in order to meet the ambitious growth target of increasing exports to $75 billion by 2020 which was set in the 2017 Federal Budget.

      Read our 2018 Budget Submission here