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      Resources for consumers and farmers

      Browse these resources for general information on Canadian agriculture, cutting edge research, programs for farmers, career pathways in agriculture and much more.

      Advocacy Resources Agricultural Research Business Risk Management Programs Education
      Environment Farm Safety Food Labeling Food Safety Information
      General Agriculture Information GMO Information Government Programs and Services Human Resources/Careers/Training
      Issue Briefs Organic Farming and Certification Pesticide Information Statistics


      Advocacy Resources

      AGvocate infographics, graphics, social media content

      Advocacy Webinars

      Agricultural Research

      Results of Agricultural research from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

      Farming best practices

      Business Risk Management Programs




      CFA Policy Publications and Issue Briefs:

      Strategic Investments in Agriculture

      Grain Transportation

      Environmental Sustainability

      Labour Issues in Agriculture

      National Food Strategy

      CFA 2017 Policy Manual


      Agriculture in the Classroom Canada

      All About Food – by Agriculture in the Classroom


      National Environmental Farm Plan

      Environmental Sustainability of Canadian Agriculture report

      Species-at-risk public registry

      Farm Safety

      Canadian Agricultural Safety Association

      Agriculture safety training

      Canadian Agricultural Injury Reporting (CAIR)

      Food Labeling

      Canadian Food Inspection Agency tools and factsheets on food labelling

      Food Safety?

      How It Works: Canada’s Food Safety System

      Canadian Partnership for Consumer Food Safety Education

      General Agriculture Information

      Real Dirt on Farming: Answering your questions about farming in Canada

      Farm to Table: Stories following the path of Canadian food

      Farm and Food Care Virtual Farm Tours

      Farm and Food Care Canada collection of infographics on farming

      Farm Fact Sheets by Sector

      CFA’s Canada 150 Infographic “Our Farms. Our Food. Our Future”

      GMO Information

      Health Canada’s regulation of genetically modified food

      Regulations, guidelines and decision documents applicable to GM foods

      CFIA’s Biotechnology and the Environment

      Government Programs and Services for Farmers

      List of programs

      Human Resources/Careers/Training

      Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council

      Agri HR Toolkit

      Agricultural Career Pathways

      Agriculture Labor Market Information

      Organic Farming and Certification:

      CFIA Regulating organic products in Canada

      Pesticide Information

      Health Canada Pesticides and Food

      Grower Requested Own Use Program

      List of approved pesticides under GROU program


      2016 Census of Agriculture

      Canadian Agriculture and Food Statistics and Market Information

      An Overview of the Canadian Agriculture and Agri-Food System 2016